Education Program

Following the great success of an Education Program launched at the 2017 Victoria Regional Tournament the 2019 Victoria Regional will once again provide an education program aimed at players relatively new to the world of duplicate. It is hoped that players will find tournaments are an exciting educational opportunity as well as a competitive adventure.

Noon Speaker Series

A new topic every noon from Tuesday to Saturday : click here for details.

Defence Basics Workshop

Limited to players with fewer than 50 master points. Free registration required.

Due to last-minute cancellations, we have a few seats left. Register through our on-line form, below.

Start the week off with a free workshop on Defence Basics led by Rita Beny and Nev Hircock. If you have fewer than 50 master points, take advantage of this educational opportunity taking place on Monday, April 8 from 1:30-4:00 p.m.
In addition to a lecture and discussion there will be practice hands illustrating techniques you can readily add to your bag of defensive tools. Attend on your own or bring a partner to increase the benefits.

Rita and Nev are exceptionally talented at making bridge logical, memorable, and fun. This workshop was so popular in 2017 that many were turned away. To ensure fairness, a first-come-first-served registration system has been set up as follows:

  • Registration opens on January 14 at 8 am. No registrations will be accepted before this time.
  • The first 64 registrants will be assigned playing positions at a table.
  • The next 10 registrants will be assigned an observer seat.
  • Registration is through our handy online form only.
  • Register as a single player or as a pair (group registrations will not be accepted)

Get ready for the games with better defence!